Don't just take it from us, here's what the kids had to say about Beyond... 


16 years old

Boushra joined Beyond a few months after she moved from Syria to Lebanon, around three years ago. Unable to attend public school, she is a full time student at Beyond's educational center in the Bekaa valley.

Along with school work, Boushra is passionate about singing. She explains that her move to Lebanon was very lonely in the beginning: before Beyond, she had very few friends and seldom left her tent. Now, Beyond's extracurricular music class has not only allowed her to sing her heart out but has also inadvertently supplied her with a whole new group of best friends. 

At risk of being exploited for heavy labor, Boushra also took part in the vocational training provided by the center. She utilized her new skills in cosmetics to open a small salon in the tent, wherein she provides services such as make-up and hair styling. She runs this small business on her own terms and is able to maintain a modest flow of income all the while prioritizing her education. Indeed, with aspirations of being a doctor, Boushra's main focus is her studies. 

Finally, when asked about Beyond, this is what she has to say: 

Simply said, Boushra tells us that when she is older and graduates from college, she will never forget her life in Beyond- she will thank this association and everyone who works for it. 


12 years old 


Ali hails from Homs, Syria and has been living in Lebanon for less than a year. One of the newer kids at Beyond, he spends his mornings at the educational center reinforcing his knowledge and the afternoons in a Lebanese public school that we helped enroll him in. 

Between the many talented students in our extracurricular music class, Ali seems to have emerged as a true star. Joining Beyond only a few months ago, he was nevertheless able to blow us all away with his singing voice during the Christmas talent show. 

Accordingly, his dream for the future is to be in a famous band. 

Roughly translated, Ali thanks Beyond for encouraging him to discover music in a classroom setting. He is specially fond of the music teacher, Mr. Mouaz, and is now determined to improve every day. 

As an afterthought, Ali also adds that he is grateful for having learned how to protect himself- referring to our mandatory child protection classes. 


17 years old

One of the original children in our first ever center, Nada has been a full-time student at Beyond for approximately four years, since her move from Syria. 

Nada dreams of being an interior designer when she is older. Fittingly, she thrives in the extracurricular calligraphy and drawing classes we provide. Also, she participates in the sewing vocational training to fortify her skills in the interior design realm. 

Summed up, Nada is grateful for both the social workers and the teachers: she knows that she can confide in them and tell them any problem she runs in to. She is also happy about the protection classes provided to Beyond students. 

In a sweet moment, Nada says that although there may be other associations and other schools, none of them compare to Beyond, where all the teachers love and care for all the students. She also mentions the diversity of services and classes we provide, ranging from classes to extracurriculars to protection and self-care. She explains that the students even joke that they want Beyond to follow them when they eventually move back to Syria!