Medical Aid, Health and Nutrition

in partnership with UNICEF, under the supervision of the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health (2014-2017)

and in partnership with LIONS Denmark starting 2018

Polio + Measles + Vitamin A

Four UNHCR centers (Zahle, Tyre, Beirut, Tripoli) and four cross-border centers (three in Akkar, one in Zahle) were set up for migrating refugees. 

  • Over 770,000 polio vaccinations were administered to children under 5 years old inside informal settlements and refugee camps.

  • Around 800,000 Measles vaccinations and 871,000 doses of Vitamin A were administered to Syrian refugees crossing the border to Lebanon.


Routine Vaccinations + Malnutrition 


Medical Consultations


Proactive Prevention 


Mobile medical units provided routine vaccination and malnutrition screenings for children under 5 within all impoverished Lebanese governorates (except for Beirut). 

  • Around 4,000 informal settlements and 114 collective shelters were visited on a monthly basis.

  • Over 395,000 rounds of vaccination and malnutrition screenings for over 34,000 children under 5 residing inside Informal settlements and refugee camps. 

  • All vaccinated / screened children received micronutrient supplements.

  • Around 400 children with moderate to severe malnutrition were referred to primary health care centers for malnutrition management.

 Primary health care consultations through mobile medical units.

  • Over 742,000 consultations and 814,000 imperative antibiotics were supplied to Syrian refugees residing inside informal settlements in Bekaa, Baalbek-Hermel, North and Akkar.

Community awareness sessions within informal settlements and Syrian refugee camps:

  • HIV awareness campaigns

  • Health education programs

  • Disease outbreak prevention program

  • Dental awareness campaigns with the UNIFIL in South Lebanon

Medical emergency interventions:

  • Around the clock communication lines in case of a fires in camps lice cases, disease oubreak, etc..

Winterization campaign:

  • Assessment of the winter needs of Lebanese residents and Syrian refugees in Arsal followed by the distribution of clothing kits (coats, socks, mittens, etc).

Wash campaign:

  • Program to promote personal hygiene in the refugee camps and deal with polluted water supplies