Schooling tailored to fit the needs and circumstances of every child in need.  This informal education prepares children for referral to public school.


Reading and Writing

Students at the Beyond educational centers learn both Arabic and English. For beginners, the language classes review the alphabet and solidify reading and writing fundamentals. For advanced students, the course is tailored to include more complex and in-depth assignments.

Math and Science

Initially just providing Math courses, Beyond just recently incorporated Biology into the curriculum- developing scientific minds and widening horizons.

Arts and Crafts

A vital piece in our schooling method, every Beyond educational center is equipped with colored pencils, paint, and drawing paper. Arts and crafts activities are essential for the younger ones. Not only has it proven to be therapeutic for the Syrian children who have experienced war and trauma, but it has also proven to be a vessel by which young children can express their emotions. Social workers are able to monitor their mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

Performance Art and Choir

Another mode of expression. In choir, timid children learn to let go of their shyness, strengthen social bonds and create longlasting friendships. Beyond performances also enable parents to actively participate in their child's life- with many parents from the camps attending school shows to support their young ones.