Casino Love Island Games Review

If you’re yearning for a beach vacation but are unable to take time off work or cobble together the finances, consider the next best thing: Love Island Games. It’s an online casino that’s designed to replicate the experience of reclining on a sun-kissed beach. To some extent. Allow me to rephrase that: Love Island Games has no resemblance to a tropical beach and bears no relation to the Love Island television program. Why, then, are you contemplating it? That is an excellent question, and one that cannot be readily addressed. While the site’s title may attract you in, what you’ll discover here is unlikely to persuade you to stay.

There are several positive aspects in Love Island Games, such as the title and the left-hand navigation menu. And then there are certain aspects of Love Island Games that are just awful, such as the featured picture that dominates the homepage’s top. It may go down in history as one of the worst featured graphics ever, replete with tiny video slot logos, a small call to action button, and the words “receive 22 free spins” written as a non sequitur with no lead-in whatsoever. That is not how a casino, or any other website, should be marketed. If you thought the program Love Island was trashy, wait till you see the casino Love Island Games.

Concerning Love Island Games

Bear Group Ltd, a division of Gaming Realms PLC, created Love Island Games. They are licensed and controlled by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and are situated in Alderney. You’d never guess from the domain name of this site that it’s a branded spin-off fully licensed by ITV Broadcasting, but that is definitely the case. It’s astonishing that they opted to have their reputation tarnished by such an amateurish website.

If you want to see how low-key, low-budget, and lo-fi this site is, check out its social media platforms. The Twitter account has only tweeted twice and now has exactly six followers. Meanwhile, the Facebook page has been inactive since early June 2017. If you’re going to participate in social media, do it properly. Otherwise, there is no need to bother. Love Island Games is far from the only casino to be guilty of this; around 50% of UK casinos are just as terrible. Nonetheless, it begs the question of why they created these social media profiles in the first place if they have no intention of keeping them.

Banking that is lovely? Hardly!

If you haven’t already guessed, Love Island Games is a horrible, dreadful website. There are several issues with this site. Apart from the above listed difficulties, banking is another excellent example. What is the deposit and banking page? There is no trace of one. That’s OK; a Help button with an integrated search bar is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Let’s type a word into there and see what it produces… “deposit”. Are the results returned? Choose from the “Offers” section. “My monies have not yet been credited to my account” and “Can I alter my username?” What a pointless website! The website’s bottom has logos for many payment providers, indicating that you may deposit payments via MasterCard, Visa, or Maestro. Apart than that, who knows? Wishing you luck in locating any relevant information about Love Island Games while reading the site.

22 Bonus Spins

Signing up at Love Island Games entitles you to 22 free spins. We know this since the site’s renowned featured picture has no further information. When you click on the terms and conditions, you’ll be directed to a website where you’ll find that when you register your card, you’ll get 22 “saucy” free spins. There is no need to make a deposit in order to get these spins, which is noteworthy.

This offer is valid on Sparks, Starburst, Lights, Twin Spin, Aloha Cluster Pays, and Wild Water. There is a 60x wagering requirement before any bonus cash can be taken, which means that even if you win money from these spins, it will have been deducted to zero by the time you are allowed to withdraw it.

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